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Supermarket SoundtrackOliver Brown
00:00 / 02:58

May 2019
Naarm/Melbourne, Australia


FORMAT: flexible chamber work
DURATION: variable (usually <10 mins)
SCORE: prose-score
PERSONNEL: ensemble of any size
ORCHESTRATION: polyphonic voice and six-sided dice

Program Notes

Supermarket Soundtrack involves rolling six-sided, and using the results to move through a series of vocal gestures. These gestures mimic the automated voice recordings of a self-service checkout at the supermarket. when multiple people (in this case, 6) perform the piece simultaneously, the overall result is the sort of lagging cacophony that is often heard at the banks of self-serves. When everyone is at a slightly different point in their scanning and payment, the various messages compete with one another - they overlap, echo and ring in slightly disconcerting synchronicity. All are designed to sound personable and human, but are ultimately as robotic as public transport announcements. This is my attempt to replicate a dynamic and ubiquitous sonic experience which arises in an extramusical context.

This recording of my piece Supermarket Soundtrack was made in January 2020, overdubbing myself performing the work six times in succession.



Click here to download a PDF version of the score.

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