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Make It Up Club

Nov. '21

November 2021
Naarm/Melbourne, Australia


FORMAT: improvised work (recorded in one take)
DURATION: ~ 20 mins
PERSONNEL: solo performer
ORCHESTRATION: coffee pots, kettle, microwave, printer + live electronics

The Make It Up Club is a music collective which has been staging a weekly avante-garde improvisation show every Tuesday evening since 1998. MIUC meets (Covid-allowing) at Bar Open on Brunswick St, Fitzroy.

Currently, MIUC is being held online. Guest performers are invited to record themselves improvising for about twenty minutes; the collated sets for each week are then premiered at the usual time via YouTube Premiere.

I played my debut set at MIUC on Tuesday 16th November 2021. For the full show, which includes three other brilliant sets, head to this video on the MIUC YouTube channel.

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